A new life in Canada begin with a new house

You just arrived in Canada and you wish to find a new home, but you don't know how to get mortgage financing?
A mortgage broker can help.

  • A valid work permit or verification of landed immigrant status.
  • 3 months of employment history. If you arrived as part of a corporate relocation, you are exempt from this requirement.
  • A down payment of typically 5% if you have full-time employment.

There are other ways to demonstrate credit-worthiness that lenders will recognize.
  • Proof of 1 year's timely rent payment history (to a non-family member).
  • 12 months of payment statements for utilities, phone, cable, documented savings or insurance premiums.
Many of our mortgage brokers are specialize with new immigrant's case and they are able to accompany you on this important transaction.
They will guide you towards the best options and offer a reassuring and safe environment.
Fill out an online pre-authorization request and I will contact you.

*Source : Les Architectes Hypothécaires


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